Attendees of MnWE 2017 connect over lunch


We are “Minnesota Writing and English,” a consortium of Upper Midwest college and university writing and English faculty centered in Minnesota. We offer an annual two-day conference each spring with up to 200 attendees, and a bi-monthly email newsletter, the “MnWE News,” to an email list of about 2500 writing and English faculty.
We are run by the MnWE Committee: about thirty volunteers and representatives from universities, colleges, and high school programs in Minnesota and nearby states. Everyone serves without pay. We welcome new volunteers.
Our mission is to help transform writing and English into teaching and learning experiences using practical methodologies that serve students best. Our vision is to bring scholarly ideas and practical pedagogy together to help create the future of our disciplines. We enjoy a mix at our conferences and in our committee of tenure-line and adjunct faculty, graduate students, administrators, and high school faculty teaching college writing and English in the high schools.