MnWE 2018 Keynote Speakers

The MnWE committee is proud to introduce our 2018 keynote speakers:

Dr. Timothy Lensmire

lensmire photo

Dr. Lensmire is Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at UMN-TC, where he teaches courses in literacy, critical pedagogy, and race. His early work focused on how the teaching of writing might contribute to education for radical democracy, and includes his books, When Children Write and Powerful Writing/Responsible Teaching. In his current work, Lensmire is attempting to re-imagine white people as racialized actors in U.S. schools and society, as part of the broader effort to mobilize white people for social justice work. His most recent book, White Folks: Race and Identity in Rural America, is grounded in the stories of eight people from a small rural community in Wisconsin—the community in which Lensmire was born and raised. Drawing on in-depth interviews, as well as on his own experiences, Lensmire explores how white people learn to be ‘white’ and how their lives are dependent on people of color, even in situations where white people have little or no contact with racial others.

Dr. Lensmire’s keynote will focus on how Ralph Ellison and the Reverend Thandeka, among others, can help us re-read and mobilize white people for anti-racism in the time of Trump.

Check out Dr. Lensmire’s faculty page here!

Dr. Kirsten Jamsen

JamsenDr. Jamsen is Director of the UMN Center for Writing and Co-Director of the Minnesota Writing Project; she additionally serves as an affiliate graduate faculty member in the Departments of English and Writing Studies, and the Literacy and Rhetorical Studies (LRS) graduate minor. Prior to coming to UMN in 2002, Dr. Jamsen taught literature and writing for more than a decade at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as teaching in and helping to direct the writing center and WAC program. In all of her work with students, faculty, staff, and preK–college teachers in the Center for Writing, she appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with her fellow human beings: talking, listening, reading, writing, and learning together.

Dr. Jamsen’s keynote will focus on John Duffy’s most recent work on virtue ethics in the writing classroom and writing process. You can check out her faculty page here!