Register for MnWE 2018!


PayPal: We strongly encourage all participants to pay/register through PayPal, as this ensures that we have a record of payment alongside the registration.

  • By processing as many payments as possible through one system, we hope to streamline registration.
  • After you pay with PayPal, you should be automatically sent to a Google Form where we will verify your important registration information, including:
    • Your name and institution for your name tag
    • Which day(s) you plan to attend
    • Your meal selections and dietary restrictions

If you are not redirected to a registration form after paying on PayPal, or you accidentally close out of the window, please fill out our registration form here. This form is for PayPal payees only.

$65 Online Registration 
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  • Full-time college or university faculty/staff (Lunch Included)

$35 Online Registration 
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  • Part-time college or university faculty/staff (Lunch Included)
  • Graduate students (Lunch Included)
  • K-12 Faculty (Lunch Included)
  • K-16 Students (Lunch Included)

Alternative: If you fall under any of the ensuing categories, we have a second (more flexible) option for you. Simply fill out the “Alternative Registration” form (just click on those words!), which will ensure that we have your information in one place, and we’ll take it from there!

  • K-12 Faculty or K-16 Student who will not be eating Lunch
  • Invited Keynote or Plenary speaker
  • Paying in person, at the conference (cash or check only, add $5 to cost)
  • Having your school pay for you by check or purchase order
  • An issue not described here

Online Registration Deadline: March 17, 2018

Date and Location

The spring 2018 MnWE Conference will take place March 23-24 at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fridays tend to have slightly more emphasis on academic teaching concerns, while Saturdays tend to have slightly more emphasis on creative writing teaching concerns.